Dr. Jane Shomof

LMFT, PsyD | Founder

Dr. Jane Shomof is a wife and mother of 3 living in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Shomof has always been drawn to people in-need. She received her Bachelor's in psychology from UCLA and knew that this was the field she was called to be in.

Dr. Shomof moved on to receive a certification in addiction counseling, while simultaneously pursuing her master's degree. She began her career specializing in substance abuse/addiction, but always had a calling toward perinatal issues. Once she founded her private practice, Elements Therapy Group, she noticed a surge of new mothers over the years who would reach out but were unable to come to many of their sessions.

While pregnant with her 3rd child, Dr. Shomof decided to go back to school and pursue her doctorate. After giving birth for the third time and thinking back on first becoming a mother herself, she was reminded of the lack of appropriate and client-centered support during the most crucial and life altering times in a mother's life, from first giving birth through the first 6 months postpartum.

Realizing traditional therapy would be hard to come by for new mothers, Dr. Shomof began to find other ways of meeting her clients' needs for support during this life-changing transition by implementing non-traditional therapeutic sessions and approaches. Finding significant improvement in mood, quality of life, and self-esteem in her “mom clients”, Dr. Shomof founded Bloome, a unique and client-specific company, geared toward meeting the mental health needs of mothers with newborns.

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Street Cred

PsyD in Clinical Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy

Ryokan College

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #86590

The Board of Behavioral Sciences

MA in Clinical Psychology

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Certification in Drug Addiction Counseling

UCLA Extension

BA in Psychology

University of California, Los Angeles






Elements Therapy Group




California Associates of Marriage and Family Therapists


Postpartum Support International